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cv::dynafu Namespace Reference


class  DynaFu


using Params = kinfu::Params
 DynamicFusion implementation.

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DynamicFusion implementation.

This class implements a 3d reconstruction algorithm as described in [dynamicfusion].

It takes a sequence of depth images taken from depth sensor (or any depth images source such as stereo camera matching algorithm or even raymarching renderer). The output can be obtained as a vector of points and their normals or can be Phong-rendered from given camera pose.

It extends the KinectFusion algorithm to handle non-rigidly deforming scenes by maintaining a sparse set of nodes covering the geometry such that each node contains a warp to transform it from a canonical space to the live frame.

An internal representation of a model is a voxel cuboid that keeps TSDF values which are a sort of distances to the surface (for details read the [kinectfusion] article about TSDF). There is no interface to that representation yet.

Note that DynamicFusion is based on the KinectFusion algorithm which is patented and its use may be restricted by the list of patents mentioned in README.md file in this module directory.

That's why you need to set the OPENCV_ENABLE_NONFREE option in CMake to use DynamicFusion. Backwards compatibility for old versions